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We diagnose to cure.


Predicta Biosciences is transforming  the patient journey with innovative diagnostic tools to enable better diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, all from a small blood sample. 


The Predicta platform captures multi-omics and immune system patient data to build a one-of-a kind clinical database. Our data is constantly growing to improve treatment across existing and new therapies.  Using AI, we identify novel drug targets and immune signatures to one day cure the patients we diagnose.  

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Our Mission

Predicta Biosciences is a precision oncology company integrating cutting-edge multiomics and liquid biopsies to develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products. 

Our platform utilizes AI and cutting edge multi-omics technology to develop personalized treatment options for patients. We believe in empowering clinicians with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions and provide the best care possible. 

Remove painful, invasive tests

Predicta's diagnostic products remove the burden of bone-marrow biopsies, through small blood-based samples, enabling easy diagnosis and monitoring throughout the patient journey.  

Diagnostics to Cure

Our diagnostic platform is fueling an enormous database. We mine this data using AI tools to discover novel therapeutic targets.

Diagnostic Solutions

A diagnostic solution for providers and payers to ensure patients are prescribed optimal therapy throughout their journey.


Furthermore, our tests provide clear, actionable data when patients will NOT respond.

Patients First

Our patient centric company culture drives us to design and build products to meet the needs of patients through-out their journey. This includes empowering patents with resources and information about their unique molecular data, treatment options, and monitoring recommendations. 

Our Technology
Our Team

Our Team


We are a world-class, experienced team composed of leaders in oncology diagnostics and therapeutics



Irene Ghobrial, MD

Professor of Medicine, Dana
Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard Medical School


Ken Anderson, MD

Professor of Medicine, Dana
Farber Cancer Institute ,
Harvard Medical School,

Co-founder of C4 Therapeutics

Screenshot 2024-03-14 092655.png

Gad Getz, PhD

Professor of Pathology, Mass General, Harvard Medical School, Co-founder of Scorpion Therapeutics


Kate Caves-3.jpg

Kate Caves


Screenshot 2024-04-04 030219.png

Joanne Bryce


AR_pic (2).png

Aparna Raval, PhD

SVP, Translational Research

Our Partners




We are backed by partners, funds, and individuals committed to  patients and transforming healthcare.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 093703.png

Keith Flaherty

Professor of Medicine, Mass General, Harvard Medical School, Founder of Loxo Oncology, Strata Oncology, Scorpion Therapeutics


Romanos Sklavenitis-Pistofidis, MD PhD

Instructor of medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Harvard Medical School


Revolutionize Precision Oncology with Predicta Biosciences

We are always looking for partners and top talent that share our mission to transform healthcare.  

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